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ESISE-SDKF - 2018 - PART - 2

1. The Role Of Self Help Group Towards Inclusive Growth In Uplifting The Socio Economic Conditions Of Underprivileged Class Of Society
      Dr. Shailaja. M. L
      Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Mallathahally, Bangalore

      Page No: 1-5



2. Consumers Perception And Attitude Towards Green Products
    Radha Venkatasubramanya, Shobha Rani R
    Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya College for Women, Bengaluru.

    Page No: 6-12



3. Modern Management Practices Of Private Sector Banks In Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu
    Y. Glory Violet Aron, Dr. N. Rajamannar
    M.I.E.T Arts & Science College, Trichy, Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Trichy

    Page No: 13-16


4. Tourist Witnessing Places In A & N Islands Places Of Interest
    S. Keerthivasan
    Marudhu Pandiar College,Thanjavur

    Page No: 17-19


5. Contribution Of E-Hub For Tasks On E-Commercial Enterprise For Enhanced Customer Relations
    S. Sanath Kumar, Dr. K. Kaliyamurthy
    rumu Dhanalakshmi College, Tiruchirappalli.

    Page No: 20-25


6. A Study On Job Satisfaction Of Employees In State Bank Of India In Thanjavur District-Tamil Nadu
    S. Sumathi, Dr. N Rajamannar
    Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Tiruchirappalli.

    Page No: 26-28


7. Impact of information technology on human resource function transformation in selected automobile companies.
    S. Sandhana Ponnarasi, Dr. N. Rajamannar
    Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Tiruchirappalli.

    Page No: 29-30


8. A Study On The Impact Of E-Wom
    Santhosh Kumar. N
    RR Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore

    Page No: 31-32



9. An Impact Of Bancassurance Business On The Employees Of Public Sector Bank
    Shigihalli V. G, Shobha C
    Bharathiar university, Coimbatore, Gopalraju Govt First Grade College, Anekal

    Page No: 33-36


10. Innovations In The Corporate Training And Development For Bridging The Skill Gap
      Sree Latha D R
      Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

      Page No: 37-41


11. Optimising The Impact On Customersof Financial Services Rendered By Commercial Banks
      Thaseen Sultana, Dr. B. G. Satya Prasad
      Govt. College For Boys, Chintamani, G.T.Institute of Management Studies & Studies, Bangalore.

      Page No: 42-48



12. A Study On The Corporate Expectations From Engineering Graduates In Chennai
      V. Arul Mary Rexy1 Dr. S. Rajkumar
      M.R.Govt.College, Mannargudi, M.R. Government Arts College, Mannargudi.

      Page No: 49-56



13. Economic Value Added: A General Prospect
      V. Bheemeswara Reddy, Dr. S. Baskaran
      Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bangalore. Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

      Page No: 57-63


14. A study of self-regulation amongst the student-teachers
      Smt. Surajba College of Education,Mumbai.

      Page No: 64-71


15. Effect of activity based learning for developing communication skills amongst the students of upper primary school.
      Yogita Mandole
      Smt. Surajba College of Education ,Mumbai.

      Page No: 72-76



16. Green Marketing: A Study On Consumer Awareness On Eco-Friendly Products
      Dr. S. SriiLatha, Kajal J. Mehta
      Lady Doak College, Madurai

      Page No: 77-85



17. A Study On Customer Usage Pattern Of Personal Banking Services Offered By Public Sector Banks
      Dr. Sheeba
      Bishop Heber College, Trichy

      Page No: 86-90



18. A Study On Emotional Intelligence Of Staff Members In Bishop Heber College At Trichy
      Dr.S.Shanthi Merlin

      Commerce.Bishop Heber College,Trichy

      Page No: 91-96



19. A Study On Wellness Among Student Leaders In A Higher Education Institution
      Dr.Srii Latha S, Kajal J. Mehta, VidhyaLakhsmi. R
      Lady Doak College, Madurai

      Page No: 97-103


20. An empirical study on “investor’s awareness towards commodity market with specific reference to madurai city”
      J. Josephine Alice Mary, N. Stella
      Lady Doak College, Madurai

      Page No: 104-109


21. A Study On Impact Of Training And Development Towards Employees Performance In Agroceuticals Pvt Ltds- With Special Reference To Madurai
      K. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. S. Beulah Mabel
      Lady Doak College, Madurai,TamilNadu

      Page No: 110-115


22. Occupational Health And Safety Measures: A Study Among Employees Of Fireworks Manufactuing Firm, Madurai
      Nita Popli, Kajal J Mehta
      Lady Doak College, Madurai

      Page No: 116-120



23. A study on “stock split and its implications-with reference to listed companies in india”
      Charles Ambrose, Princy Nisha
      St. Joseph’s College Autonomous, Bangalore

      Page No: 121-126


24. Science,Technology And Innovation For Sustainable Development
      Dr. P. Mani, Dr. R. Ramakrishnan
      Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science(Deemed to be University)Padur, Chennai

      Page No: 127-131


25. A Study On Awareness Of Gst Among Consumers Residing In Bangalore With Special Reference To Restaurant Industry
      Princy Nisha
      St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore

      Page No: 132-135



26. Socio-Economic Empowerment Of Women Entrepreneurs With Reference To Trichy District Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd
      Dr. C. Precilla
      Bishop Heber College, Trichy.

      Page No: 136-142


27. Quality Of Work Life Of Women Employees
      Dr. S. Rani
      Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Krishnankoil

      Page No: 143-149



28. Sustainable Development And Technology Transfer: Problems In The Diffusion Of Environmentally Sustainable Technologies In India 
      Dr.V.Chinniah, Dr. C. Muniyandi, Dr. J. Vijayadurai
      Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai

      Page No: 150-156



29. Organisational Commitment And Job Performance: A Study In Employees’ Perception, Behaviour And Satisfaction With Special Reference To Neyveli          Lignite Corporation Limited, Neyveli
      A.Jeon Mythily, Dr.S.Sasikumar
      Rajah Serfoji Govt.College Thanjavur.

      Page No: 157-159