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1. Auto-Dialog Systems: Implementing Automatic Conversational Man-Machine Agents by Using Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks

    Annapurna Bala, T.Padmaja, Dr.Guru Kesava Das. Gopisettry 
    Ch.S.D.St Theresas Autonomous College for Women, Eluru, Eluru collegeof Engineering, Eluru

    Page No: 1-5           



2. Geographical Safety Approach to Railway Transportation Using Machine Learning and Real Time Mapping

    Bhagavatula Roja Sri, Dr.Guru Kesava Das. Gopisettry
Eluru collegeof Engineering, Eluru

    Page No: 6-8                                                                                                                                                     



3. A Secure and an Efficient Cloud Privacy Preservation System Using Additional Security Concern

    Naga Ramanjaneyulu.Jetty, Vaddi Kasulu.Kasani, Dr.Guru Kesava Das. Gopisettry
    Eluru collegeof Engineering,Eluru

    Page No: 9-10



4. Securing IoT based smart cities through fog computing

    Annapurna Bala, Dr.Guru Kesava Das. Gopisettry
    Ch.S.D.St Theresas Autonomous College for Women, Eluru, Eluru college of Engineering, Eluru

    Page No: 11-13



5. Star Recommendation System: An Approach to Acquire Genuine Products Online
    Kalagara Naga Brahmam, Sri Satya Monica Bandaru, Dr.Guru Kesava Das. Gopisettry
    Eluru college of Engineering,Eluru

    Page No: 14-16



6. Public Blockchain Technology Model for Indian Polity System
    Annapurna Bala, Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi
    Ch.S.D.St Theresas Autonomous College for Women, Eluru

    Page No: 17-21



7. Image Enhancement Approach Based on Adaptive Thresholding and Super Resolution
    Jayapal, Ravi Subban
    Bharathiyar University,Coiamabatore, Pondicherry University,Pondicherry

    Page No: 22-36



8. Access Control Scheme Based On Confidentiality Security In Cloud Services
    Dr.P.SivaKumar, K.Sankavi, M.Sowmiya, G.Vidhya
    Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology, Puducherry

    Page No: 37-45



9. Achieving Business Optimization Using Collaborative and Integrated Business Models
    Ashish Kumar Jain
    Assistant Professor, BSSS College, Bhopal

    Page No: 46-50



10. A Study On The Effect Of Digital Literacy And Information Management
      SCSVMV University, Tamilnadu

      Page No: 51-57



11. Ordered Cone Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems for a Self and a Pair of Self Maps using Lattice Ordered c-Distance
      Dr. Capt. K. Sujatha
      St. Joseph’s College for Women(A), Visakhapatnam

      Page No: 58-76



12. Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System
      MuthuKumaran.D, E.Manoj Raja, C.Bharath, Dhamini

      Page No: 77-82



13. A Systematic Approach For Secure Web Development Application Vulnerability Using Web Security
      R.Kasthuri, Dr. P. Sengottuvelan
      Periyar University PG Extension Centre, Dharmapuri

      Page No: 83-88



14. The Influence of H+ and Cl−Ions on the Corrosion Inhibitive Effect of Poly (PAmino Phenol) For Iron in Hydrochloric Acid
      Y.Urmila, P.Manivel
      Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology, Vellore

      Page No: 89-106



15. Real Time Remote Critical Parameter Monitoring System with Redundancy
      Omkumar.S, Ahalya.S, Chaithra.S, Karthiga

      Page No: 107-112



16. A Survey On Symmetric Encryption And Decryption Algorthim Using Manet
      Dr.K.Prabha, K.Bhagyarathi
      Periyar University, Tamil Nadu

      Page No: 113-118