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International Journal of Scientific Research and Review

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VOLUME 9 ISSUE 12 2020


1.  Impact of Fluoride on Thyroid Gland
     Chaudhary Priya, Bhoomi Panchal, R. J. Verma
     Gujarat University, Ahmedabad- 380009. 
     Page No: 1-8



2.  Impact of Fluoride on Male Reproductive Function In Human Beings
     Bhoomi Panchal, Chaudhary Priya, R.J. Verma
     Gujarat University, Ahmedabad- 380009.
     Page No: 9-15



3.  Notch Signaling Pathway in Triple Negative Breast Cancer : A Review
     Shah Heer, Mistry Mittal, Vora Hemangini
     The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India.
     Page No: 16-28



4. Analysis of Wind Energy Conversion System
    Rupak Lonare,Amit Dodke,Manisha Jambhulkar,Manish Botkewar, Rahul Tapre
    NIT, Nagpur.
    Page No: 29-32